Thursday 6 January 2011

Seeing Red, Then Peds

Here's a little bit about the biology of a new mother: when you're breastfeeding, you usually do not have your period due to the low levels of estrogen in your body.

This is one of the benefits of breastfeeding and is sometimes used as a birth control method (although extremely inaccurate). Some people believe that this is your body's natural way of making sure you don't go making a baby right after you just had one. Like it's your body's way of making sure you allow it to fully recovered before you go ahead and put it through another nine months of stress. Others believe it's to make sure that you only focus on one thing at one time.

So here I was enjoying swimming whenever I wanted without having to worry about you-know-what when it all changed yesterday. I look down and saw what a woman going through IVF would not want to see. I saw red.

"What?!?!?" I thought, flabbergasted, "OMG! Why is this happening? But I'm still breastfeeding!!"

Well it turns out, this was absolutely normal and there are a number of reasons for this occurence including starting your child on solids. Ok, fine. So there is an explanation to the so-called mystery.

So anyway, I guess there's no escaping the dreaded 'Big Aunt' is there? *Sigh*

In other news, my baby went to see her pediatrician today at NUH. For those of you who don't know, during a routine scan of my pregnant belly, the sonographer noticed a cyst on one of the baby's ovaries (how fantastic are ultrasounds nowadays!). My OBGYN advised me to get it checked after baby was born, which we did. Twice.

So the results of her second scan came back and her pediatrician says that although the cysts on her ovaries are still there, she says it's very small and nothing to be concerned about. Thank God! But just to be sure, she's sending baby J to see a surgeon in three months to double confirm. I hope it will not turn out like her Aunt, who had to undergo surgery to remove her ovarian cyst (which was the size of two fists and had hair and fingernails, I kid you not!) *Prays earnestly*

Her pediatrician also took her height, weight and head circumference and if you must know, she's 9.7kg now. Yeah I know. Her doctor says her weight is regressing to the norm which is good.

Carrying her is even better than lifting weights at the gym.
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