Tuesday 18 January 2011

Taipei Day 5: Back To The Future

We going home today! I know I hardly sound so happy to go back to Singapore but I really missed my baby!

As we only needed to leave at 12.45pm, we did some very last minute shopping at the nearby Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. Then it was off to the airport where my mother finally found a nice Gucci sling bag that she liked. My dad had wanted to get one for her at Tapei 101 mall but she didn't like any of the ones we saw. Anyway, it's tax-free at the airport so I supposed it's cheaper too.

A very happy mum with her first Gucci!

We were happy to go home to our nice bed but we'll definitely miss the  awesome weather!

At the waiting area, just before boarding the plane back to reality

FYI, here are other places I'm intending to visit with Baby J in future:

1) Window on China Theme Park 小人国 (i.e. Doraemon Land)
- Ticket Cost = NT650 (Note: Water rides for July to Sep only)
- Ways to get there:
   i) Take MRT to Gongguan 公馆站 Station, then take the E-Go bus
      (Tel: +886-3-480-3885; +886-2-2796-5665) from there directly to Window on China
      (Bus timing: 8:30, 9:20, 10:15, 11:00; 11:50 & 12:40)
   ii) Take the Taiwan High Speed Rail 台湾高速 from the Taipei Station 台北火车
      (if you live nearby) to Zhongli Station 中坜火车 (Western Mainline Line),  then transfer to
      the Hsinchu Bus (across the road from the station) directly to Window on China
   iiiTake a cab directly to the Window on China

Note: I had initially wanted to go to the Window on China themepark on this trip but my parents and sister were not interested so we took it out of our itinerary. It's better to visit themeparks during the summer anyway.

2) Leofoo Village Theme Park 六福村主题游乐园 (see here too)
- Ticket cost = NT890

- Ticket cost = NT620
- As it is a water themepark, it is only open between June & September

Till our next trip! *grin*

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