Thursday 17 February 2011

All Things 2-in-1

I'm the kind of person that digs all things with a dual function.

Like these 2-in-1 eco furnitures and Resource Furniture's genius space saving furniture seen in this video.

Cool right? Too bad the furniture is too expensive and probably not child-proof so not good for parents with young children. I mean, our kids will probably think it's their playground or something, with all its revolving beds and stuff.

Anyway, most of my baby's stuff are 2-in-1s (e.g. baby J's trike and walker) and recently, I decided to add another function to the baby swimming pool my sister and her boyfriend got for baby J for Christmas.

Tada! It's a pool cum ball pit

We got a bag of balls from OG Chinatown which costs only S$16.90. You can also get a bag from Toys'r'us at S$29.90 although my logic is why pay more when you can get the same stuff for less?

I blew it up with nothing but my mouth and lungs! And I took only 15 minutes! However, I must warn you, you gotta have technique or you'll end up with zero air inside it like my hubby. Use your teeth to bite at the blow hole and blow out using your diaphram much like you would a trombone (which I used to play long time ago). Or you could just get a balloon pump for only S$2.90 like my mother-in-law did.

Baby J at play

She is of course too young for this since she can't even sit properly but you know her KS (short for kiasu, which is a Singaporean term that means 'afraid to lose out') mother is always making her do stuff months earlier than she is supposed to.

Plus her cousins came to visit so it was a great opportunity for them to play together in it.

Love this group shot of her with her cousins

One of these days when the mother-in-law and I are in the mood we'll actually fill it up with water and use it for the purpose for which it was created. Will post about it when we do =)
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