Sunday 13 February 2011

More CNY Fun!

We brought baby J to our friend's house three days ago for more celebrations. They have two children, their son little D and their daughter baby T.

Baby T is only 3 months older than baby J but she's a lot more mobile and active. As well as more hair *jealous*

Checking each other out...

I can tell baby J was a little apprehensive in a new, strange environment but she later warmed up to it all. As usual, the more kiddy friends she has, the happier I am.

The fun crowd

Little D really loves his rides. He has 2 cars, 2 tricycles, 1 motorbike and 1 rocking horse! I asked little D if he could let baby J try out one of his rides and he was generous enough to let her do so. He is really one very hospitable little boy. Very impressed =)

On one of little D's rides that he lent her

When I saw how much baby J loved this car, I decided I would buy one for her too. Did so today (more on it in the next post).

Let the celebrations never end!

Which reminds me, we had a nice renewal of vows ceremony at church yesterday and it was fantastic. The best thing that we can give our children is a happy and complete family. So don't forget about keeping the love alive!

Happy Valentine's Day! *hearts*
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