Wednesday 30 March 2011

Preparation for Batam II

It's our first trip overseas with baby J. Although the first time she had ever been out of the country was when we brought her to JB Malaysia across the causeway, this is the first time she will be overseas for more than 24 hours. To prepare for the trip, the hubby and I brought baby with us shopping at Parkway Parade last Sunday (also did a review of their nursing room).

We stopped by the Hypermart to pick up some baby food. Bought 2 jars of Heinz Baby Porridge and snacks from Baby Bites (didn't buy too many as we intend to buy some more at Batam's supermarket).

Baby Bites snacks for babies 6 months plus

There are 3 flavours: original, vegetable & carrot. Baby loves them all. Haha. A box costs about S$2.40 and contains 12 individual packets (seen in above picture). I also specially bought the plastic container (2 for S$2.30) from Japan Home to store them so that they will not get squashed in my bag and also to preserve their freshness.

Baby J eating her Baby Bites

Baby J loves them! It's now her go-to snack between meals. It had now become a necessity which I take with me everywhere we go.

We were also at Isetan and they were having lots of good deals on baby products. Pigeon was having 20% off so we bought a box of baby snacks and breastpads. We also bought the Safety 1st Nature Next 3-in-1 Potty which was on sale at S$19.90. It's a potty, trainer seat (the middle portion can be taken out and placed on the toilet seat) and stepping stool/seat all in one (you know how much I love multipurpose stuff). Plus it's eco-friendly. How could we not buy it? *laughs*

Also, see this pretty dress?

Holding the pretty dress that her daddy didn't buy which her mummy totally regretted!

It was also on sale for only S$19.90! But we didn't buy it 'cos her daddy said she would not have any occasion to wear it. I cannot believe I let the hubby talk me out of buying it! Super regret! She would have looked so princess-y in it too.. *argg*

Anyway, back to the shopping for our trip. As we will be doing a lot of swimming at the resort, we decided to buy a float for babies from Kiddy Palace. We already bought the Huggies swimming diapers and sunblock previously so she's all set for pool fun!

I'm so excited for our 1st family vacation! Will update on it when we get back, meanwhile, you can check out my travel page for our past trips :))

P.S. Just so you know, my baby can clap (finally)! And she does it on command rather than imitation. Yay!

P.P.S. Breastmilk is really something else. Read somewhere that it has acne-healing properties so I rubbed some on baby's huge pimple on her right temple and it healed up completely in less than a week! Amazing *laughs*
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