Monday 27 June 2011

Our 1st Visit to Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is Singapore's first reservoir in the city and has been hailed as one of the greatest man-made marvels in the world. Since its opening in November 2010, I've been bugging the hubby to take the whole family there as I wanted to visit this beautiful place.

Marina Barrage

We finally got the chance to visit for the first time yesterday when we were invited by the hubby's colleagues to join them for kite flying at Marina Barrage.

His colleagues found a great sheltered spot which was so windy that baby could take a nice nap

The hubby and I ate some lunch with his colleagues while waiting for Girlee to wake up from her nap. The weather was sunny with nice winds and the hubby was just commenting on how nice the weather was. I told him to stop saying that or he'll jinx it. Yes, I'm superstitious that way.

True enough, the sun started to hide behind dark grey clouds and the winds got stronger. I thought we had better start our kite-flying before it actually started raining.

Girlee woke from her nap just in time for kite-flying

I had just bought this kite from Chinatown for $6.90 and totally forgot to tie the string to the handle (I only tied the string to the kite). As the string was only 20m long, the kite was let loosed like a dog without a leash once the string ran out and off it went drifting in the sky...

...before landing on the fountain below!

Yes I know, I'm such a dumbass! What a great way to make a first impression -_-

I had to drag my ass down three levels to get the soaking wet kite and roll up the string (which thankfully was only 20m). Fortunately I took the advice of the store keeper and bought another roll of string which was 100m long. Decided to use this one instead and this time the kite was off to a higher place.

Daddy and baby looking like they were flying the kite...

...when in actual fact, it was mummy who did the kite-flying. Yup, daddy did not fly the kite with one hand and carry baby with the other. That would be suicidal. *laughs*

But as you can see, the dark clouds behind the hubby started to loom nearer and the winds got so strong that it was really hard to control the kite. It also started to drizzle and we decided to seek shelter at our spot till the rain blew over.

Girlee's 1st picnic!

We decided to continue our lunch while waiting for the drizzle to stop. When it finally did after 15 minutes, the sun was shining so brightly we had to open our extra-large Ferrari umbrella to prevent Girlee from getting sunburnt (she was already wearing sunblock).

Under the big black Ferrari umbrella

She still got dark anyway as only her head was fully shaded.

Daddy and Girlee watched while mummy flew the kite

I love these two pictures that I took myself! Hehe. It was a stroke of luck (and some skill) *grin*

Hubby's turn to fly the kite

I took over from the hubby so that he could be on kite-flying duty. Unfortunately, after a while the winds changed direction and the kite got caught in the poles that provided shade to our picnic spot! Sigh. It was another round of kite-rescue and string rolling again.

And that wasn't the only time our kite required rescuing! As there were more and more people flying their kites there, our kite got caught in someone else's string and down it went, again!

Can you count the many kites in the sky?

There were simply too many people flying their kites (at least 30!) and our pitiful kite couldn't compare to the others. After all the 'unfortunate events', it just couldn't fly normally anymore no matter how hard we tried (and believe me, we tried really really hard).

Ah well. The hubby promises to get a much better one in future so hopefully we will have better luck next time.

Successful 1st family picnic at Marina Barrage!

Despite the fact that the kite didn't fly well as planned, I was glad that Girlee really enjoyed herself. We'll definitely be back again!


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