Sunday 19 June 2011

Why God Gave Us Daddies

Mummies are just not Daddies.
Baby Girl's Daddy
Daddies work hard to provide for the family..
Daddy's desk at work that mummies can stay home, take care of the baby and watch them grow.

Daddies give their children a sense of security..
Sitting comfortably on her daddy's shoulders
..they protect, no matter what.

Daddies give their best love..
With her daddy at MBS
..even if it means that they will have nothing left.
Daddies are amazing. And there is just one particular that I love more than any other..
My own Daddy.
I have the utmost admiration for him. He entertains us with his enormous sense of humor and great positivity in life. If he falls, he gets right back up and tries again. And again. And again. He never gives up. He says he can't, because a family at home needs him not to give up. He works very hard in extremely tough foreign conditions in order to feed our family. He even paid for my entire university fees so that I never have to worry about it and could focus on my studies. If he can afford it, my dad will definitely get me whatever I need/want.
With my daddy at my graduation
The financial backing of my father and the hubby is the reason why I could further my studies and graduate with a higher degree.

Mummies are just not Daddies.

Daddies are special and that's why we love them =)

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