Sunday 10 July 2011

Launch of Disney Junior at Sentosa

I was invited again by Disney Junior to attend their official launch at Sentosa! After a really successful bloggers event at Hatched previously and as I'm a 100% Disney fan (whose greatest dream is to visit the awesome Disneyland in all the different countries), I was actually excitedly looking forward to it.

As the invitation stated that I could bring 3 other guests with me, the hubby and my sister decided to tag along for the fun. I'm so glad my sister was there with us as the following pictures were all courtesy of her hard work (Thanks sis!)

We parked our car at the Beach Carpark and took a tram to the location at Siloso Beach.

This way to the launch of Disney Junior!

After registering our attendance, we were given a bunch of stuff to start off the event.

Anti-clockwise: Checklist, red bands for entry to wavhouse for lunch, pink coupon for meet & greet,
car decal & discount coupon

We were supposed to complete a task at each of the four stations and get a stamp on our checklist.

Pirate's Checklist

Once we have collected all the stamps, we would get a goodie bag as a reward =)

So we headed off to the first station, Handy Manny.

Station 1: Team Work with Handy Manny

There were 3 tasks to choose from but as Girlee is so young, she could only do the easiest task, which was..

..hoisting sails (with the help of mummy & daddy)

And as a reward, we got a stamp on our checklist as well as a really cool red pirate bandana!

Girlee getting her red pirate bandana

The next station was Word World.

Station 2: Reading Clues with Word World

The task was to find the letters of a word given and form them on the sand. Once again we had to help Girlee on this one as she was just too young.

Putting the word 'ship' together

But she did help to carry the letters and put them together on the sand. After putting together three words successfully, we completed the task and got another stamp plus a 'tattoo' which a station master helped apply on Girlee's arm.

Girlee's first tattoo!

The paparazzi loved her so much they surrounded her! Understandably so, as she looked totally gangsta-chic! *laughs*

Next up was Special Agent Oso.

Station 3: Bravery with Special Agent Oso

If you watch the show (which Girlee and I do), you would know that Special Agent Oso solves problems using three simple steps. So, we were supposed to use the same three steps to shoot down three bottles with a large water shooter.

It took the hubby three tries before shooting down all three bottles, thereby getting us another stamp and a cool pirate eye-patch.

Girlee's cute pirate's eye-patch

Ain't she cute? *grin*

Finally, the last station was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Station 4: Memory with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

At this station, Girlee was supposed to go into a maze and find the items as indicated by the board shown by a station master. It's actually quite confusing so I'm sure kids older than Girlee might need some help from their parents for this challenge too.

Handing the cards to the station master and getting her 'parrot'

Of course Girlee got them all right and got the final stamp as well as a 'parrot' balloon to complete her whole pirate get-up.

We immediately went and redeemed the goody bag, which had a ton of stuff including this really cool underwater camera.

Disney Junior Pirate Goody Bag

Of course I don't really need it seeing as I already have an underwater camera but it's still cool anyway *laughs*

After being in the hot sun for all the activities, it was such a relief to get into the shade and queue up for the Meet & Greet session with Mickey and Minnie!

Photo-taking with Mickey & Minnie!

I think I was more excited than Girlee with having a photo taken with my all-time favourite Minnie Mouse! We then proceeded on for an early lunch at the Wavehouse sponsored by Disney and Starhub. Yummy! *licks lips*

Overall, it was a very enjoyable event and nothing short of the 'magic' that is classic Walt Disney. All of us had fun, including Girlee, who had a ton of fun playing pirate dress-up.

"Aye Aye Captain!"

Congratulations, Disney Junior on your launch in Asia! Thanks for the invite =)

Group Photo =)
Indeed, let the Magic begin (and never ever end)!


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Disclosure: A media invitation to this event was received from Disney Junior Asia. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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