Saturday 16 July 2011

Living in Dress Up!

People who know me, know that I live in dresses and shorts. Shorts for super casual occasions and dresses for everything else. It's literally like my uniform. It's quite like secondary school if you think about it, only better.

I have 60 dresses (and counting)!

It's my uniform for two very important reasons:
1) Easy, breezy (put 'em on and off you go)
2) Jeans make me look like crap and feel all hot (and not in a good way)

However, when I was pregnant, I slowly outgrew my beloved dresses and could only wear my super-sized shorts with a larger T-shirt. My clothes either don't fit me at the waist area or don't fit me at the boob area (you know they triple in size when you are pregnant right? It's like instant boob job for those who can't afford it. Super natural but only lasts for the length of your pregnancy/breastfeeding.. after that it's downhill, like literally, if ya know what I mean.. but I digress..)

If you must know, I went from a B to a D in just 4 months ok so almost 80% of my whole entire closet, which isn't small by the way (hello, 60 dresses!), couldn't fit me.

Like I said before, I was in depression for the most part of my pregnancy. It ain't pretty, but hey, I got through it by the grace of God. Thankfully.

I have since lost some of the weight and my you-know-what have also shrunk a little (to a small C) as baby girl's breastfeeding requirements have decreased, so I can finally wear my beloved dresses again! I know it's superficial but whatever, it makes me happy.

To continue my happiness, I've been shopping at my favourite website to get my monthly therapy. I consider it an investment cos in future I can pass it to my girl when they become vintage! *laughs*

Yet another reason why I love God for blessing me with a girl =)

By the way, I'm still looking for a replica of my baby's dress that she wore for her first birthday (for myself of course) but so far no luck yet. If you manage to stumble onto something similar (preferably in the same colour) that won't cost me a hand or a leg, please let me know!

I want my girl to look just like me (or rather, I wanna look just like her) *grinz*
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