Thursday 25 August 2011

I'MM Getting Wet at the Water Playground!

We all love water playgrounds. Especially people like us who live in sunny Singapore, which is practically hot and humid almost all 365 days of the year.

So it is no surprise that on a particularly hot day like yesterday, it was off to a water playground for me and baby girl.

There are around 10 water playgrounds in Singapore and we've already visited a grand total of four:
1) Vivocity at Harborfront MRT
2) NEX at Serangoon MRT
3) Northpoint Shopping Centre at Yishun MRT
4) Singapore Zoo

We've yet to visit the one at IMM and as it is located closest to the hubby's workplace (so that he can easily pick us up after work), we decided to pop by for a look.

Covered playground at IMM

The above playground was not really suitable for baby girl so we skipped it and headed straight for the water fountains which were located just next to it.

Water Play Area at IMM

The area is about the same as the one at Northpoint but smaller than the one at NEX.

Exploring the place..
"Hmmm.. I like the water mummy!"

She can't walk yet so I had little choice but to allow her to crawl on the less than clean floor. She seemed to be ok with it despite the fact that her knees became really red by the time we left.

Sitting in the sun and trying hard to stand

I feel kinda bad for her. First, she had to crawl around because she can't walk yet. And second, she didn't have anyone to play with.

But she didn't mind at all! I guess just being able to play with water in the sun was enough for her. She had so much fun she almost didn't want to leave. But I had to clean her up after 20 minutes as I was just too tired with running after her. Plus I was afraid that she will catch a cold as a strong wind started blowing.

There's a nice place for you to clean up your kids after their play just next to the playground.

Girls' Outdoor Shower Corner

It's pretty convenient =)

Baby girl was so tired after all the fun..

..she looked like this.

She worked up a big appetite too and only fell asleep after a nice meal of bread and mango juice.

If you're thinking of heading down to IMM, they're be organising ice-skating lessons from 29 August to 11 September 2011. It is located right next to the playgrounds (it is in construction when we were there) so you may be able to kill two birds with one stone! =)


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