Monday 15 August 2011

A Sunday Playdate at Go Go Bambini

We had a lovely high tea/play date with Baby N and his parents yesterday at Go Go Bambini.

Go Go Bambini @ Dempsey

This was the first time that both of our families are visiting this place which had great reviews when we googled it. It has a play area, a dining area, a party area and even a place for mums to workout.

(Sorry for the blurred photos, I only had my iPhone with me)
Waiting anxiously for the food
Interaction between the babies and their daddies

The food was alright but definitely not the highlight of the place in my opinion (you would not just come here solely for the food) although it's still rather appetising.

Halfway through our meal, both kids couldn't wait any longer and whined of boredom so we hurried through the rest of the food and quickly proceeded onto the highlight of the place: the playground!

Time to play!

You need to have socks on before entering the play area so don't forget to bring some for both you and your child!

Baby N and Baby J playing together inside the structure
Baby Girl loves sliding down the slide!
Jumping into the ball-pit
Baby N the driver with Baby J the passenger on this toy train
(Super hard to get a decent photo of both babies looking at the camera at the same time)

Kids nowadays are so lucky! I used to beg my mother to bring me to one of these indoor play structures when I was young but she refused as it was too expensive. My girl and Baby N are only 13 & 7 months old respectively and they are already playing in really cool playgrounds that gets better and better. Envious!

What other playgrounds (preferably indoors) do you usually bring your babies?

Kid-friendly Rating: 9/10

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