Sunday 7 August 2011

The Thirteenth Milestone

What a difference a year makes!

This tiny human that I popped out of my you-know-what 13 months ago, whom I used to be able to hold with just one arm, has now morphed into a not-so-tiny little person who's no longer able to fit into both arms! (You know, with all the wiggling and all).
Baby girl in the exact same dress at 2 months & 12 months old
For one, she can finally fit better into her mega-sized clothes (such as this dress, which is perfect as it's super elastic and she can continue to wear it as a top even when she's older) that her budget-concious mother bought for her to save money .

Her hair is also finally long enough to be pinned up with a hairclip (although sometimes it'll drop right out) and she can understand enough to sit nicely and smile for a nice picture (only when she's in the mood though).
Baby girl bathing at 2 months vs. at 12 months
Her baby bathtub has been 'upgraded' from a shallow basin to a larger red basin which she almost can't fit into anymore. Which is just as well, because soon she won't even need the basin anymore as she'll probably be hosed down with the shower.

She's still not a walker yet (fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) but she is definitely a crawler (something which I didn't expect since she only started really crawling at 11 months).
1st play at a playground!
But she's still able to enjoy the playground for the first time, with some help from her mummy and grandma.

And being the little girl that she is, she initially showed no interest in cars at all.
"OMG, these things can move! I can drive like daddy!"
Until she discovered the magic of moving toy cars that you can steer! Now she points to them everytime we're at the mall.. *sigh*

Lastly, as her paternal grandfather also has a birthday in July, we celebrated at Swensons with an ice-cream cake that Girlee herself had for her 1st birthday.
Celebrating her paternal granddad's birthday
She got to blow the candles and all.

I always say this but only because it's so true..

My baby's not a baby anymore!
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