Saturday 24 September 2011

DIY Ravioli at Italiannies

I'm not really familiar with Italian food even though I've visited the country. I'm one of those poor folks that didn't even know what foie gras or caviar was (not Italian food, that I know as much) for crying out loud.

So I was kinda lost when looking at the 'Create Your Own Ravioli' menu when dining at Italiannies last Saturday with my friends.


Seriously, what do all these words mean?

But since a friend of my friend MW said this was a must-try, I decided to order one for myself even though I had no idea what I was ordering.

I ended up ordering the ravioli that had truffle in it 'cos my good friends Mr & Soon-to-be-Mrs P happened to be experts on everything Italian and they love truffle so I figured I wouldn't go wrong. And since I like mushroom, I decided to order the mushroom and pesto sauce to go with it.

And you know what, I hit the jackpot! *laughs*

White truffle ravioli with mushroom & pesto sauce

My ravioli was really tasty! The waitress told me that there was cheese in it so the whole combination of cheese, truffle and mushroom was really right up my alley! Or in this case, down my stomach! *laughs*

SJ and MW chose the same filling but with Orange & Tomato Basil Sauce and Saffron Sauce respectively and both were nice too, although I still prefered mushroom. Orange ain't my cup of tea, ya know what I'm saying.

My other friend MY chose to order a soup, which came out looking like seafood spaghetti except without the spaghetti! Totally did not look like the typical soup portion! I was so amazed by it that I forgot to take a picture (drats) but I can tell you that it tasted marvellous =)

We ended our lovely meal with Tiramisu and Rum Baba cake for dessert.

Tiramisu and Rum Baba cake

I liked the Tiramisu but not so much the Rum Baba (personal preference I guess 'cos SJ loved the Rum Baba). MW felt that the alcohol was not strong enough but I thought it was fine (especially since I don't drink alcohol).

We couldn't even finish the desserts as we were soooo full!

All in all, although this meal was slightly pricey for me (unemployed SAHM here), it's definitely worth a visit for its great taste =)

Italiannies is located at 111 Somerset Road #01-02 Singapore 238164
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