Thursday 1 September 2011

Rediscovering the Far North

And by that, I really mean Sembawang Shopping Centre. Well, for the hubby and his mum at least, as the hubby's family used to live in Sembawang and it was usual for them to hang out there every other week. For me, this is actually the first time that I had ever been there!

The only reason that we would travel all the way to this particular mall was for the wonderful playground (i.e. Splash Park) that is located on Level 3. The hubby was there just a few weeks ago to hang out with his buddy and thought that he should bring baby girl as she would really enjoy it.

Splash Park at Sembawang Shopping Centre

The playground was really huge! Plus the weather was perfect for a nice day of play.

Water Play Area

As mentioned previously, baby girl had already enjoyed the water playgrounds of Vivocity, NEX, Singapore Zoo, Northpoint Shopping Centre and IMM. This water play area was similar to the one at NEX but smaller than the one at the Zoo.

Mummy had to be very careful not to get wet as she didn't bring extra clothes

But I got wet anyway *bummer*. Thankfully the patterns on my dress disguised the fact that I was wet and the material dried up pretty quickly.

Playing with the water fountains

Baby girl had a blast! Not only did she have her daddy and grandma to play with her, she had a chance to interact with other kids. She did pinch an older girl who turned around and glared at her but amazingly continued to stand her ground against said kid (gotta give her props) but then she got shoved by an even bigger kid, so I suppose she kinda got her karma. It was all good fun anyway =)

Like IMM, there is also a place for your kids to shower after they're done although it's a lot smaller.

Girls' Outdoor Shower Corner

As we needed a place to change baby girl's diapers, we headed off to the family toilet, which was situated about 100m away, instead.

Family toilet located on Level 3

It was a pretty small space that had packed almost everything you needed, from a changing table to a child-friendly toilet to even a baby holder.

We got her cleaned up and changed and then it was time for her milk. I searched the whole place for the nursing room and it turned out to be at Basement 1 of the building.

Nursing Room of Sembawang Shopping Centre (my reviews here)

We did a little shopping and had some food to eat before heading back to the playground for more fun and play!


She really like slides (I mean, who doesn't?) and there are like tons of them here.

"See me do the monkey!"

Her daddy was really ambitious and wanted her to do these dangerous climbs but she's just not ready physically for them (c'mon, she can't even walk yet!). We will definitely be back to this playground when she's older! =)

Lastly, to all my readers who are teachers or parents (who are your children's best teacher),



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