Tuesday 25 October 2011

KL Day 3: Last Tango, Then Singapore

We got up to have breakfast at the hotel as usual.

"Mama, I'm hungry!"

And as we were picking out our breakfast, I found it interesting that the hubby and I had totally different opinions on what we considered breakfast food.

Hubby's breakfast

The hubby prefers a cup of coffee and more Asian-style food such as fried noodles, rice, curry, porridge, etc, while I prefer a cup of tea and more western-style food such as french toast with maple syrup, cinnamon croissant, sunny-side up or scramble eggs, sausages, etc.

My breakfast

He would never eat my kind of breakfast just as I would never eat his.

I know what you might be wondering. What does baby girl eat for breakfast then? Well, she's exactly like...*drumrolls*...daddy! Eggs and toast? Urgg. Porridge and fried noodles? Mmm, yum!

Ah well.

We had one last soak in the bathtub (baby girl's favorite activity on this trip) before checking out of our hotel at 10.30am. We left our stuff at the lobby before heading for some last minute shopping and lunch at Sweet Chat Cafe one last time.

Then at 1.45pm, we boarded our bus at the Super Nice Office (opposite Berjaya Times Square), which departed for Singapore at 2pm.

On the way back home!

For some reason, the journey back took 2 hours longer! We were either delayed by the heavy rain or by a passenger who mysteriously disappeared after we passed the Singapore customs at the Woodlands checkpoint.

You can imagine our immense relief when we were finally home and a nice hot dinner was waiting for us, thanks to my dearest mum-in-law! Lovely.

We had a blast and will definitely be going back to KL again soon! =)

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