Thursday 24 November 2011

Birthday Feast at Unique Seafood

There are three things that the hubby loves other than his family:
1) Alcohol, 2) Soccer, 3) Seafood.

His idea of heaven? Watching soccer with baby girl while drinking beer and eating seafood (not exactly the healthiest combination if I might add).

So it was no surprise that when my mum-in-law asked the hubby what he wanted to eat for his birthday, he answered, "Seafood at Unique Seafood!"

Unique Seafood Market

There are all kinds of seafood here to choose from and to say that the hubby was in high spirits, is an understatement! *laughs*

Choosing from the many varieties of seafood available

He picked all of his absolute favourites:
1) Baby abalone - one for each of us, very delicious!
Baby abalone & Canadian crab

2) Canadian crab - cooked in butter and pumpkin sauce (because the loving daddy said baby girl loves pumpkin). This was something pretty unique as we usually eat crab in the typical salted egg or chilli sauce. I really like the taste but not so much the crab though. All of us felt the meat and shell were too hard.

3) Fish - cooked Hongkong style but definitely not as nice as those we ate in Shenzhen. We'll most probably order another type of fish in future.

4) Lobster - cooked with noodles. I loved this dish as the meat was sweet and tasty! *licks lips*

Clockwise: Fish, lobster noodle, our full course meal & oyster baked with cheese

5) Oyster - baked with cheese. Definitely the highlight for the hubby and his brother! Even I, who don't usually like oysters, had one because they were pretty tasty =)

The whole meal cost S$219, which was considered relatively cheap since Unique Seafood charges 50% for all seafood on weekdays.

Bribing baby girl with a peanut in exchange for a kiss
Happy Birthday Daddy! *mmmuack*

Unique Seafood is located at 200 Turf Club Road, Turf City #03-01/02/03 Singapore 287994
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