Monday 14 November 2011

Thank God For Chocolate!

And by that, I don't mean Royce or Godiva, which I do thank God for don't get me wrong (I'm such a chocoholic that I even made it my wedding theme.. totally not joking! *laughs*)

But no, I'm thankful for a whole other reason. You know how I complained about my girl not liking formula at all which is why she is not weaned completely yet.

Well, to continue on the story, just as I thought all hope was lost, I found a shining light!

Introducing PediaSure Triple Sure Formula Milk in Chocolate!
(bought in JB by my mum-in-law as it's much cheaper)

As you know, I don't have much experience in buying formula milk (or making it for that matter) since I pretty much just whipped out my you-know-what every time baby girl asked for her "Ba Bi" (her way of saying milky.. have no idea why..). Then my 2nd brother-in-law told my mum-in-law to try PediaSure in chocolate, which we thought was worth a try. I mean, it sure beats her drinking ordinary fresh milk all day.

And you know what? She loved it! She'll finish everything in one sitting, that is, if you give it to her in her favourite drinking cup. I tried feeding her from her milk bottle and got a flat out rejection.

Guess it's her way of telling me that she is a big girl?

Anyway, I was pretty shocked that she took so well to the milk so I took a sip to try it out of curiosity. And you know what, it tasted really good! Ah, that explains why she liked it so much.

I'm so glad we found a suitable alternative to my breastmilk, which she still loves even though it had depleted so much that it is not enough to satisfy her appetite. Now it's like dessert for her *laughs*
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