Wednesday 11 January 2012

Celebrating Baby N's 1st Birthday at His New Home!

Girlee's little friend Baby N turned 1 year old last week!

Baby N's 1st Birthday Party

I think the birthday boy knew this was his very own special day!

The smiley birthday boy

To kill two birds with one stone, his parents decided to make it a 1st birthday plus house warming party! They had just moved in to their brand new flat, Natura Loft at Bishan, and was proud to show off all the work (and money) that they had pumped into the renovations.

The first thing that catches your eyes when you walk into their 5 room apartment is their gorgeous balcony with a beautiful view.

The amazing view from their balcony

In tiny, high-rise-filled Singapore, having a nice view of any kind is a great luxury. But my favourite part of the house had to be the walk-in closet and the master bathroom with the beautiful view.

(Clockwise from left): His mummy's beautiful walk-in closet; loads and loads of pictures of Baby N everywhere;
the amazing view from the master bathroom

It feels like we walked into a hotel! Beautiful job W&E =)

After checking out their house, we of course had to take some pictures with the Big Star of the day. But both kids seemed more interested in anything but take pictures.

Baby N is really more interested in hitting his own balloons than to entertain us with a picture

Finally, no birthday party is complete without the birthday cupcakes.

Baby N's super-duper-animaley birthday cupcakes

Of course baby girl wanted more than one but she only got one, the one with the tiger because her daddy said she was born in the Year of the Tiger.

We had a great time, thanks for having us and once again,

Happy Birthday Baby N!
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