Wednesday 1 February 2012

Oh My Baby Alive!

When I was pregnant with my baby girl, I was often driven by my pregnancy hormones to maternity, children and toy stores. On one such trip with my mum-in-law, we stumbled onto a very familiar doll series also known as Baby Alive.
Baby Alive
This doll can talk, bounce up and down, eat and even wave her arms. But obviously, great dolls don't come cheap! The more functions the doll has, the more expensive it is!

And so I said to my mum-in-law (in Chinese of course), "Who would buy this for their kids?!? It's absolutely nuts! Look, even the damn fake food and diapers costs more than a packet of real food and diapers!!!"
A box of fake food & diapers = $26.95
A jar of baby food + a packet of real diapers = $22.95
Seriously?!? What's the logic right?!

And then after I had the baby, my mum-in-law just had to stumble on a Baby Alive sale selling past season dolls at only $10 and she just had to buy it for her granddaughter (although you can't really blame her seeing how cheap it was) and baby girl is now so attached to it, she must sleep with it every night! || -_-"||

Ah well what the hell.. you can't beat 'em, join 'em right?!
Her (ever growing) Baby Alive doll collection:
mini doll for travels (bought by me), the original doll (bought by grandma) & waterproof doll for her baths (bought by daddy)
Seeing her eyes light up when she sees her 妹妹 (mei mei / little sister) should be totally worth it right?

I totally foresee this collection growing and I might even have to eat my own words one day when I have to buy the damn fake diapers (although I'm quite sure I won't!).

Until then, I'll just have to wait (like I always do) for sales before I buy them (ain't no way am I ever gonna buy them at the original ridiculous price!).

Ah parenting.. you never do what you said you would do before you had kids.

Reality's a 'beach' *laughs*
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