Wednesday 25 April 2012

Expensive Piece of Steak at Prime Society

Despite waking up on my birthday with a very bad headache and vomiting just before my official interview with potential employers, I still managed to keep myself in good spirits & enjoy the day.

I was still "headachy" when the hubby came home but I still suck it up and went out to dinner with him because he promised good food I won't forget. And I'm such a sucker for good food.

Hubby drove into Grange Road and straight away I knew that we were heading to Dempsey Road. Turns out the hubby's got reservation at The Prime Society.

The Prime Society: Famous for the upper cut

The hubby generously ordered a piece of wagyu beef for me and at more than S$60, it was the most expensive piece of steak that I've ever eaten thus far! And mind you, I've eaten a lot of steak. The mushroom truffle with cheese sauce that I chose to go with it was absolutely divine! A must-try if you're choosing sauces for your steak =)

I have to say I really enjoyed the food here!

Appetiser: Wagyu garlic bread

The garlic bread was fried with wagyu oil and was the best garlic bread we've ever eaten! Delicious! =)

Enjoying our dinner in a nice romantic corner
Clockwise (from left): Potato wedges; Portebello mushrooms; hubby's ribeye steak with wine sauce

The potatoes were crunchy and yet soft at the same time while the mushrooms were just tasty enough without being overly salty. Hubby's pasture-fed ribeye was nice too but it definitely can't compare to the wagyu for sure. Nevertheless, he still enjoyed it very much.

Thanks dear for a wonderful meal. You know how much I love beef and western food. This is definitely a must-try for steak enthusiasts for sure =)

A happy birthday to me indeed *grin*

UPDATE: This is no longer the most expensive beef steak we've eaten. Kobe beef on our Hokkaido trip and black angus beef at Equinox are now top of our list.
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