Thursday 24 May 2012

Mad-Made: 15 Inspirational Display Frames

I made a promise and I was going to keep it.

I promised my cell group mates a handmade gift from me and although it is 4 months late, hopefully it was worth the wait! (Hey it rhymes! I should be poet.. *laughs*)

And here it is! =)

Personalised Inspirational Frames

I decided to keep it simple by buying the exact same silver frames from Daiso. I also used the same purple colour as a background since it matched the frame so well.

The frames I got from Daiso
(It's dark because I'm a Night Owl that is the most productive at night when it's all quiet)

I also bought some lovely cloth tape (also from Daiso) and some scrapping materials from Popular that was so easy to use and dresses up the paper immediately.

I decided to print and cut out some of my favourite verses for each frame, which were randomly pasted because I wanted God to be the one who determined who got what verse so that hopefully if the verse spoke to them then it will be from God and not from me.

As I didn't have enough of the same silver frames for everybody (Daiso at IMM only had 14 left in their store and I wiped out every single one of it so it's sold out *oops*), I decided to use one of my own, which I reserved for my cg mate who's in Brooklyn doing incredible work with under-privileged children.

I like how the final product turned out!

They're similar yet each one is unique, just like how God made each and every one of us.

Hope you guys like it! =)

P.S: Wanna see more? Check out the 22 wooden door signs I made last year ;)


This post is part of my Mad-Made Art series that documents our artistic creations!

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