Thursday 10 May 2012

Preschool Hunt & Snack Time

I took leave last Friday to visit a potential preschool for baby girl.

We arrived a little before 9am, which is when lessons start, and were warmly greeted by the English teacher. The nice thing about this cosy little preschool is that there is only one small little classroom with only one class of about 10 children. And since there were two teachers, one English and the other Chinese, that meant a small teacher-to-student ratio. I thought that was hard to get nowadays, plus the price wasn't expensive so I was keen to sign baby girl up. Too bad it was full but she was next in line when the new semester starts in June *fingers crossed*

The teachers were nice enough to give baby girl a chance to experience what it will be like to attend their class by allowing her to take part in the lessons. As this is the first time baby girl has ever attended an actual class in school, she was not used to it at all. She had no respect for rules or the teachers and did as she liked, which is actually totally age-appropriate but I was still embarrassed anyway. The only time she was obedient and polite was snack time (-_-).

After that experience, I thought it was time to introduce baby girl to a more structured play group in order to help her to adapt to school.

Which was why I decided it was time that she got promoted from Nursery to the Children's Church!

Left: A warm welcome into Children's Church with a larger-than-life welcome gift
Right: Playing on the slide, again and again and again!

This play group is generally for 2 year olds, which baby girl will be in just 2 months (OMG, so fast!). Baby girl was encouraged to take part in the activities but she wasn't really interested in them.

Left: She refused to allow other children to hold her shoulder in the train formation
Right: While everyone was singing and dancing along with the teacher, baby girl was more interested in watching from the sidelines

I know she's still new to it and I should really be patient but I really wasn't very patient. I gave her my signature glare (not proud of it) and she finally sat down for storytime.

Trying hard to get baby girl interested in story time

She was interested for a grand total of 10 seconds and then wanted to get up and run around again -_-

But knowing me, I was determined to get her to participate (come on, where do you think her stubbornness comes from?). She did eventually join in the singing and dancing from time to time and enjoyed it.

Nevertheless, the only time she actually sat down quietly and listened to the teacher was...

All the children sitting very quietly, waiting for... guessed it, SNACK TIME! =)

Biscuits for everybody!
Busy eating, do not disturb!

Ah well. I suppose I should be more relaxed about it since she has the rest of her life to do structured things but she has only these few years to run free and do whatever she wants.

Note to self: Chill mad, chill.

I am kind of looking forward to her going to school. It's like an important milestone for every kid! =)
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