Friday 15 June 2012

Baby-Daddy Moments

First time daddy took his daughter out alone to Toys'r'us


Hubby (to Girlee): Who did it? Was it you? Raise your hands and say 'Me!'
Girlee (raises her hand): Me!
Me (rolls eyes): That has got to be the weirdest thing I've ever seen a father teach his child.
Hubby (as a matter of factly): I'm training her so that next time she does something wrong and her teacher asks "who did it?", ah girl will immediately raise her hand.

It was a great lesson really but there was one problem.

Mummy's rationale = It's always good practice to own up when you've made a mistake.
Daddy's rationale = Confuse the teacher who will most likely not believe her because she owned up too quickly so she can get away with it!

Like.. Seriously?! -_-"

Snuggling up to daddy in the cold
One evening while mummy was lecturing at a night class..
Girlee: Daddy, pain pain...
Hubby: What? You fall down again? Where pain pain?
Girlee: Leg pain pain.
Hubby (examining her legs but finding nothing): No pain what. Show me where pain pain.
Girlee (pointing to a cut on his knee): Here leg pain pain...
Hubby (surprised): Quick 'sayang' (pat gently) the pain.
Girlee (hugs hubby's leg and strokes her little finger on the cut): No more pain.

A daddy's girl through and through.

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