Tuesday 12 June 2012

Fashion Pronunciation Faux Pas

I'm not a fashionista (although I try my best to learn how to pretend to be one), so I often get the fashion labels and terms pronounced wrongly, until I learnt of their true pronounciation.

So if you are like me, this is for you =)

Top 10 Most Mispronounced Fashion Labels:

1) Agnes B: Pronounced = Arg-nias Bay

2) Chanel: Pronounced = Shah-nell

3) Christian Louboutin: Pronounced = Christian Low-bow-tawn

4) Givenchy: Pronounced = Jhee-vawn-chee

5) Hermes: Pronounced = Air-meh

6) Herve Leger: Pronounced = Er-vay Lay-jher

7) Lanvin: Pronounced = Lawn-vawn

8) Loewe: Pronounced = Loo-wei

9) Louis Vuitton: Pronounced = Lu-ey Vu-tawn

10) Yves Saint Laurent: Pronounced = Eve-seung-lor-rong

Surprised? But who can blame us for mispronouncing as they're generally French & German, I mean c'mon, non-Chinese people can't pronounce our Chinese names and surnames either.

Like seriously, Vera Wang's "wang" does not rhyme with "rang" but with "rung" okaay *laughs*
Credits: foxtrot.com

P.S: FYI, faux pas is pronounced as "Fou Pah" =)
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