Thursday 28 June 2012

My CHC, My Life

There are always 2 sides to every story.

I was inspired by San to share our side of the story. And with all the negativity happening on the internet, some positivity would do everyone good.

People think we're brainwashed or that we're naive because of our seemingly 'blind' support of our senior pastor and his team. I'll have you know that we are neither. It has nothing to do with logic or intellectual arguments (although we can go into that if we wanted to since most of us have undergraduate or post-graduate degrees).

It has to do with faith. And steadfast loyalty!

We choose to believe in our God, believe in the leaders that He has placed over our church and believe in all the blessings we've received as a result of their ministry.

I've been a Christian ever since I can remember but I don't think I've ever grown so much in my spirtual walk as I have in the last 9 years, being a member of City Harvest Church.

It was there that I first got my dream of becoming a psychology professor. There were people who doubted me (even I doubted myself!) but my family and church never did. And now, I've got a masters degree, taught as an associate lecturer in a private school and got a job as a research psychologist at a well-known organisation. As you can see, I'm definitely on my way to achieving my dream =)

It was there that I met my soulmate and we started our little family. Our senior pastor's strong beliefs and preaching on building strong marriages really inspired and helped us to resolve issues and fight fair.

It was there that my family generously sacrificed to the Crossover Project and the many building funds, which miraculously resulted to our debts being cleared.
Do we regret giving so much of our time and money to the church? Not at all, because what we have received is so much more. Are we going to continue to give and keep on giving? Absolutely. And not because we have to but because we want to!

If you can't agree with us, that's fine.. honestly. But please, before you cast your judgment, understand that there are real people that were helped and real lives that were changed by the ministry of this church and its leadership.

"CHC changed my life and nothing is going to erase that for me. At the end of the day, this is my home and my life has never been better. Since I came to this church, under the leadership of Pastor Kong, my life has been radically transformed. So I'm here to stay, for better or for worse." ~Mabel

"City Harvest Church is the place where I came to accept Christ, to grow deeper in relationship with God and where I finally fully comprehended what "family" means. CHC is my family. The church has loved me, nurtured me and given me a place I can call home. Most of all, it has" shown me where I belong - in God's Kindgom. As the spiritual leader, Pastor Kong has always emphasized the importance of using the Bible as our guide in life, to ensure that we never stray from what God has in store for us. I believe that despite the present difficulties, this is the time for the church to stand up. Not just the church within the 4 walls; we are a body of Christ! I believe that if we stay united through this, God will bring us through it into a greater level than ever before." ~Amanda

"I'm really blessed to be in City Harvest! In this church, I learnt to love and appreciate the things and people around me. Pastor Kong taught me about the Father's love and today, I've reconciled with my dad and know that he's the best dad in the world. Sun taught me how to let go of hurts, forgive others and grow in my faith. Her sharing really impacted me! These are great people, world shakers! I'm very grateful to have CHC in my life!" ~Raquel

"My life has truly been changed because of this amazing couple who have sown unconditonally into this church, CHC. I'm really blessed that God has made a way for me to be brought into this beautiful church, which eventually became my home. Pastor Kong and Sun have really lived out what they have preached, which never fails to inspire and impact me these 6 years. My relationship with my family has improved greatly since then. From a person with low self-esteem to someone who is stronger and able to love others, because of the genuine concern, love and acceptance of the people in CHC. Here, I also learnt that one can make a big difference with the talents God has given to us. The love that Pastor Kong, Sun and the other leaders have shown to us and the people in the society always touched me deeply, which inspired me to do the same to others. This is indeed my church, my home, my life!" ~Dorothy

(For other similar testimonies, check out this facebook group)

It's easy to dismiss our experiences as ignorance but we know what we've experienced and have decided to rally as one spiritual family behind our leaders no matter the outcome.

To my dearest pastors and leaders, you have our fullest support and prayers. Our hearts are with you in this trying time of your lives and may God be with you through it all.

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