Tuesday 5 June 2012

Our 1st Family Photoshoot

After much intensive persuasion, I finally managed to convince the hubby to bring baby girl for her 1st photoshoot at The Studio Loft.

She is so adorable and full of antics that it would be a shame not to have it all captured by a professional.

Each one was so unique and captured a different expression that we just couldn't decide which ones we wanted (choosing our bridal shots was so much easier! *laughs*). Hence, we ended up buying all the soft copies as we loved all of them so much! =)

From top-left: Elated, shocked, mischievous, whiny!

I love how all the raw shots were so perfect, they didn't need much editing at all (in fact, every single one shown here were not professionally edited)!

Ah babies. They have perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect bodies... what's there to touch up? Perfect! =)

Our little family =)

Thankfully baby girl had a great afternoon nap so she was in an awesome mood during the photoshoot. Although both the daddy and daughter were tired out after only 1 hour of photoshoot and daddy doesn't think we will do it again but I totally think we would be back again! *laughs*
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