Monday 23 July 2012

Revisit the Past, Shoot for the Future

I was searching through my old blog (you know the one I wrote at before I became a mom and started this one) and found this list of things I vowed to achieve before I was 25. I didn't achieve them before 25 but hey, at least I achieved some of them eventually! *laughs*

Things I Must Achieve Before I'm 25:

Travel to Japan for hot springs & ferris wheels in Disneyland [Postponed due to nuclear leak]
Experience REAL snow in northern Europe [We honeymoon-ed in Switzerland]
Learn figure skating! [Yah right, my bones will break]
Get MARRIED =) [Sealed the deal on 2 May 2009]
Do LASIK (by 2007) so that I'll never have to wear specs till i'm grey [Specs-free since 2007]
Learn oil painting [Planning on taking lessons =)]
Do some paintings for my new house [Painted a painting with friends]
Go crazy shopping in Hongkong or Taiwan [Did both Hongkong AND Taiwan]
Get my Masters degree in Psychology [Took forever but I finally did it!]
Publish my first paper in a recognised journal [Still working on it]
Watch a musical with my sis [Watched 'Wicked' at MBS theatre ;)]

Whatever possessed me to think I can learn figure skating is beyond me -_-". Ok, now for new goals! :)

Things I Must Achieve Before I'm 30:

Travel to Japan
Travel to Disneyland
Skydiving in New Zealand
Learn oil painting
Paint at least once every 2 weeks
Publish my first paper in a recognised journal
Own my own house
Give birth to Baby #2 (& shut down baby-making factory by 30 *grin*)
Get my weight back down to pre-pregnancy!

What are your goals?

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