Sunday 26 August 2012

Around the World in 18 Days (Blog Train)

I've always believed that Singaporeans love to travel because our country is just too small! =)

So for 18 days in September, 18 Singapore Mom Bloggers will be sharing their favourite travel destinations around the world!


1 Sep 2012
by Madeline at MadPsychMum (host)

2 Sep 2012
California, USA
by Ling Siew at The View from Mama's Desk

3 Sep 2012
by Angeline at Princess Dana Diaries

4 Sep 2012
Bali, Indonesia
by Sandra at Sanses

5 Sep 2012
by Yvonne at This Blessed Life

6 Sep 2012
Darwin, Australia
by Jiahui at Mum's the Word

7 Sep 2012
New York, USA
by Delphine at In the Wee Hours

8 Sep 2012
Amalfi Coast, Italy
by Veraday at Life is in the Small Things

9 Sep 2012
Hanoi, Vietnam
by Adora at Gingerbread Mum

10 Sep 2012
Panama & Peru
by Lyn at Little Blue Bottle

11 Sep 2012
South Korea
by Susan at A Juggling Mom

12 Sep 2012
Desaru, Malaysia
by Adeline at Accidental Mom Blogger

13 Sep 2012
by Ai Sakura at Sakura Haruka

14 Sep 2012
Prague, Czech Republic
by Summer at A Happy Mum

15 Sep 2012
Penang, Malaysia
by Jennifer at Little Dino Egg

16 Sep 2012
Hong Kong
by Winnie at Toddly Mummy

17 Sep 2012
Amsterdam, Netherlands
by Geraldine at Little Chuck's Story

18 Sep 2012
Cambridge, England
by Kam at The Kam Family

I'm proud to say that we managed to cover all the continents except for Africa & Antartica! Keep checking back (I'll be updating with the links as we go along) to follow our journey.

If you have a travel post (whether past or present), grab our button & link up!

We would love to read all about your favourite travel destinations through your eyes! =)

P.S: Don't forget to add the country you're posting about in the title when you link up k.

P.P.S: Check out my travel page for more travel tips and itineraries! =)
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