Saturday 8 September 2012

Our 1st Outdoor Photoshoot

Photo credit: Steph Tan Photography

When I made this my Facebook profile picture a few days ago, everyone was wondering why baby girl looked so unhappy. Well.. there's actually a looong story behind it.

When the both of us first arrived for me to get my make up done, Girlee started to feel pain in her stomach. You know, the kind that gets you to the toilet to take a dump. The thing is, baby girl has constipation problems like I did when I was a kid. It takes forever for her to pass it out.

And so she was screaming in pain but as my make up artist has already started, I couldn't do anything except to hold her hands and try to calm her down. Thankfully, my make up artist didn't even flinch as she has 2 kids of her own so she is used to it.

Just as it was the first time we're having a photoshoot outdoors, it was the first time that I had to change her diapers with full make up (false lashes and all) on! Thankfully there was nothing in her diapers as she still had problems passing it out so I didn't need to clean her up.

But that also meant she might just do it in the middle of the photoshoot, which may even be more bothersome (parents, you know what I mean right?!) *sigh*

And it also didn't help that the skies threatened to sob! Needless to say, I was praying a million prayers in my heart that the photoshoot at Bishan Park would go smoothly.

God answered our prayers!

Photo credit: Rachel of Catch Forty Winks

Not only did we have awesome weather that provided the best kind of light but baby girl was also very cooperative during the shoot. Although we didn't have many photos of both of us smiling but at least she wasn't crying! =)

It also helped that there were tea cups for a make-believe tea party..

Photo credit: Rachel of Catch Forty Winks

A large patch of grass to run around on..

Exploring the beautiful park

And boyfriends friends to play with!

Photo credit: Rachel of Catch Forty Winks
Baby girl trying to learn while Roo demonstrates how to climb a lamp post!

Despite the fact that a million things could have gone wrong for this photoshoot, I'm glad everything turned out great.

Photo credit: Rachel of Catch Forty Winks

Many thanks to the other moms Sandra, Adora and Regina and our photographers Steph and Rachel for a lovely day =)
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