Saturday 20 October 2012

Above All, Get Wisdom

I was very blessed by a sermon from our Senior Pastor on Proverbs 30:24-28*. Here's sharing a summary of his message (with pictures I drew myself!) and what I've learnt =)

"There are four things which are little on the earth,
But they are exceedingly wise:" (Prov 30:24)

#1: Ants

Personifying Preparation, ants store up during times of harvest in order to have food prepared for winter. Just like the ants, we must learn to plan for the future and not just live for the now. It also means saving a portion of what we earn for emergencies and not spending everything.

With rising cost of living in Singapore, the hubby and I really find it such a struggle to save a portion of our money every month. Of course the situation is better now that I'm working full-time but it's still a challenge. We have since jointly decided to prioritise and save at least 10% of our income in our joint account every month starting Jan next year. Here's crossing our fingers that we'll be successful! =)

#2: Rock Badger

Symbolizing Habitation, rock badgers know how to make the strong rocks their home as a protection against their predators. In the same way, we should make Jesus our rock who is our refuge in times of trouble.

I've found that I've never really depended on God more than when I became a mother. Because when your baby cries, everyone looks at you and expects that you know exactly what to do when sometimes, you really don't! And so all you can do is say a silent, desperate prayer to God, asking Him for grace and hoping that you did the right thing and not inflict long term harm onto your child.

#3: Locust

Demonstrating the power of Unification, one locust may be easily killed with a stamp of your feet but an army of a million locusts can wipe out an entire field of vegetation. They don't even need a king to lead them into victory! Similarly, we've got to learn how to build better teamwork among our colleagues, friends and most importantly, our family, especially our spouses!

Parenting involves both husband and wife so we make it a point to agree on everything concerning my girl. I will seek my husband's opinion on which school to send her, which stroller or carrier to buy, etc. This should also be applied to discipline. As consistency in discipline is important, I stated it clearly to my husband & in-laws from the beginning (even before she was born) that I will not tolerate the lack of discipline & manners in my children and so will not take kindly to people who interfere when I'm disciplining my child. So even though my hubby and mum-in-law are more soft-hearted towards my girl, they either agree with me or steer clear whenever I am disciplining her.

#4: Spider

Personifying Determination, the spider proves that as long as you're determined to succeed, you would.. eventually! There is no way you can get rid of a spider, once it has decided it wants to be there. Although it takes a spider a lot of time and energy in order to build a web, which often gets easily destroyed by passing animals or even humans, the spider never stops spinning its web. You may try to clear the webs today and tomorrow when you wake up, aha, there it is again!

So we must learn from the spider to never give up even when it is tough or when you have to start all over again from the beginning, which is usually the toughest! I have to say that determination is one of my strengths which I'm proud to say God has given me. It helped me to press on in pursuing my dreams and at the same time, encourage others to do the same.

I hope you've been blessed! I would like to end with this awesome quote my pastor shared at the beginning of his sermon:

"Intelligence may be inherited from your parents, but wisdom is a gift from God."

Have a blessed weekend! =)

*All scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used with permission. All rights reserved.
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