Friday 2 November 2012

Cheap Thai Cuisine

The masters of finding cheap & good food, our friends J & K excitedly introduced us to Jai Thai Restaurant, which is known to be one of the most affordable Thai food in Singapore.

We decided to have dinner there on Hari Raya Haji last week and were their first customers for the day.

Empty restaurant at opening (6pm)

Thankfully we were early as before long, the restaurant was completely packed with people!

As the hubby and I had an early Brunch, we were famished. And since the food wasn't costly, we decided to "go all out" and order as much as we wanted. And boy, did we order!

Clockwise from top left: Thai green curry, 2 prawn & 2 fish cakes, deep fried fish with chilli sauce,
fried chicken basil leaf
Tom yum seafood soup
Pandan Chicken
2 Prawn cakes & 2 Fish cakes

We also ordered 2 plates of vegetables! I know right, I don't know how we managed to finish all the food!

But finish we did because each dish was so tasty and authentic, we were literally exclaiming "wow this is good!" after every bite!

And if you are deciding on what drink to order to go with your meal, consider the Thai milk tea, which comes highly recommended by J! It isn't very sweet and goes well with the food =)

At the end, the entire meal only costs $60+ for 4 people! The restaurant definitely lived up to its reputation of serving cheap and good Thai food =)

Definitely no more over-priced Thai restaurants for me!

Jai Thai Restaurant (Jln Pemimpin Branch) is located at 7 Clover Way, Singapore 579080.

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