Wednesday 13 March 2013

The Launch of the New & Improved Philips AVENT

I have been a fan of Philips AVENT since I started breastfeeding 2.5 years ago so I was really excited to be invited to their launch party held at Studio54.

Philips AVENT launch party
The birth of AVENT's new "baby"

Philips AVENT is finally launching the latest design of their new and improved bottles and nursing products after 29 years!

Newest version of the Philips AVENT Natural Bottle and Single Comfort Electric Breast Pump

The Comfort Electric Breast Pumps were redesigned to allow mothers to express milk in a comfortable reclined position, which could not be achieved using the previous breast pump (I can attest to that!). The old design which I used to use for a year also had a motor attached to the pump, which was tiring to hold up, while the motor of the new breast pump is separated so that the pump itself is much lighter. I simply love the new design!

And with the launch of the Comfort Electric double Breast Pump, mothers are now able to express milk quicker and more conveniently. Awesome =)

Similarly, the look of the Natural Bottles was also revamped to be more ergonomic and easy to hold. Prior to the event, I compared the new bottles we received from Philips Avent with the old ones that I already had at home by examining them side by side.

New 260ml bottle vs Old 260ml bottle
Although the new bottle is slightly taller, it is certainly more streamlined and easier to hold than the old bottle
Top view: New bottle teat vs Old bottle teat
The rims of the new bottle is bigger than the old, however, the new soft silicone teat has unique petals,
which helps to prevent teat-collapse.
Front view: New bottle teat vs Old bottle teat
The breast-like shape of the new teat is more realistic and reduces nipple and teat confusion better than the old teat.
Looks almost like a real boob, don't you think? =)
The new bottle rim also fits perfectly with the Avent VIA Storage Containers

Ensuring that the new bottle rims are compatible is important as I have a lot of these containers for storing breast milk. It's a lot more convenient to feed the baby directly from the container without having to transfer the milk to the bottle.

The verdict? I love the new bottles! =)

Anyway, back to the event, no baby shower will be complete without some awesome food and great company!

Personalised cupcakes, delicious food and awesome chocolate pops! Yum *licks lips*
Top (left to right): Adora, Sandra, Regina, me, Dominique and Tiger Girl (who looks exactly like her!)
Bottom (left to right): Evelyn, Rachel, Summer and baby Ariel
(Photo Credit: Dominique)

We had an enjoyable time talking and laughing about kids and stuff. I even got to hold a newborn baby (you are sooo cute Ariel *swoon*) and rub a pregnant mummy's tummy for good luck (thanks San!).

At the end of the event, each of us were given a specially customized bear to bring home for our kids. My girl really loves hers!

Loving the Build-a-Bear gift

Many thanks to Philips AVENT for the invitation and lovely door gifts! =)

Disclosure: This is Part 1 of a series of sponsored conversations on behalf of Phillips AVENT Singapore. All opinions are my own.
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