Friday 5 April 2013

Featured on The Straits Times!

My crazy obsession with reviewing nursing rooms was featured on our local newspaper, The Straits Times today!

Source: The Straits Times (5th April 2013)
Photo Credit: Adalia Tan

In the wake of possible revisions to the building code to make nursing rooms compulsory in all public buildings such as malls and sports complexes, there may definitely be more than enough nursing rooms to fuel my obsession ;P

Many thanks to Joanna and Sue-Ann for the great write up and to Seng Kim for the very pretty photo of my little girl and me.

Thanks to my awesome family, whom I have dragged with me on numerous occasions to review the nursing rooms during our shopping trips.

Thanks also to my friends, colleagues, fellow mum bloggers and readers for all your support and encouragement that you have given me. Love you guys =)
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