Friday 26 April 2013

Seoul Day 7: Don't Want to Leave!

It's the last day of our 7-day stay in Seoul and we don't ever want to leave! *sob*

We packed up all our things and boarded the Airport Limousine Bus to Incheon International Airport.

Procession at Incheon Airport
"Nooooo, I don't want to leave!!!"
Boarding our plane back home

My Reflections
As usual, I had to write my first impressions as a first time visitor to Seoul, Korea. Having been on many overseas trips to various countries in the world, I have to say that Seoul was really among my top destinations to visit.

The shopping here is awesome as the clothes were cheap but the quality was good! A top can cost as low as 5,000 won (S$5) and skirts at 15,000 won.

Clockwise from left: Super pink 2-in-1 jacket at just 59,000 won;
Pink Hello Kitty boots at 15,000 won;
Full head to toe outfit at just 40,000 won (excluding the jacket & boots)

Koreans don't shy away from colour, not even the senior citizens who would gladly wear bright colours if they liked it. I totally loved all the colours! =)

As for food, Koreans really like spicy food so if you can't, it's better not to order anything spicy. Most Koreans also don't speak English very well so remember to include the Korean words of the places you are visiting so that you can show it to the cab drivers to read otherwise they may have no idea what you are talking about. However, if you speak slowly and gesture a lot, you can still communicate relatively well =)

We also observed that they are very good at making things more efficient and convenient. Luggage belts on stairs, inclined escalators and many travellators. The subway system here is also very convenient so you will find no problem finding your way around the city.

We loved Seoul so much we really didn't want to come back! We'll definitely be back again.. 2 years later! =)

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