Wednesday 31 July 2013

The Invisible Attacker

They are invisible yet they are known to cause a lot of our most common problems without most of us even realizing it:
  • Body odour
  • Bad breath
  • Gum disease & tooth decay
  • Certain types of acne
  • Food poisoning
Yes, all these are caused by harmful bacteria! And in a bid to keep bacteria away and keep the rates of The Disease Which Shall Not Be Named low, many child care agencies are teaching our kids to wash their hands for at least 1 minute by singing the "Hand-washing Song".

Case in point.

Video by the mum-in-law, who was trying to film my girl singing the "Hand-washing Song"

Unfortunately my girl wasn't being particularly cooperative and was only willing to wash her hands for at most 30 seconds, which is a common problem with most kids. Although children are washing their hands, they are not washing them with anti-bacterial soap or washing them long enough, perhaps because hand-washing is not a particularly fun thing to do.

There is an alternative way that may just bring in the fun-factor!

Catch the full video: Lifebuoy's Hulk Colour Changing Handwash

Lifebuoy has come up with a very ingenious way of getting your child's hands clean in a fun and cool way. All your child needs to do is wash their hands with Lifebuoy's 'Hulk' Colour Changing Hand Wash until the liquid turns green, which signifies that the hands are clean enough to wash off!

I wish that they would have a pink version though as my girl doesn't like green or the hulk (typical girl). She still sticks to singing (something she loves to do) and since Lifebuoy kills germs in 10 seconds, I suppose that will work as well =)

Teach germs a lesson, be one step ahead of infections with Lifebuoy! 

DisclosureThis is Part 5 of a series of sponsored stories on behalf of Lifebuoy SingaporeAll opinions are my own.
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