Thursday 22 August 2013

Girlee Ballerina

We were invited for 4 trial ballet classes over 4 weeks at Metropolitan YMCA on Stevens Road. I have always wanted her to act more lady-like and learn some dancing so I was more than excited to take her.

Although the first day she cried and refused to participate, she was starting to enjoy it a lot more by the 2nd week.

Her favourite part of the lesson:
Pretending to be little princesses with crowns & wands!
"I shall turn you into a frog!!"
Doing little stretches to improve flexibility
Throwing the flowers in a graceful manner

Initially she showed some promise. She was following instructions, smiling and looking like she really enjoyed herself. By the 4th lesson, I thought "hey maybe she will like ballet after all!" My false sense of hope was then crushed by her insistence that "ballet is boring!!" after I asked her repeatedly if she would like to continue.


No ballerina for us I suppose. I think I will have better luck with swimming..

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