Wednesday 4 September 2013

At the End of 14 Days

14 days ago I took on the NIVEA challenge for brighter, smoother and more radiant skin. I have been incorporating it into my daily regime before I left the house every morning, which is simply the usual sunscreen for face and sunscreen for body (I'm pregnant and tired every morning so minimalism is key!).

The weather every morning when I step out of the house can be very varied, with days of scorching heat and days of cloudy grey skies. Either way, I still ensure I have my sunscreen on as I've heard that UV rays are still as harmful even if the skies are grey.

On weekdays when I'm at work, I'm usually indoors most of the time except for when we go out for lunch, during which the sun is at its brightest and hottest!

Over the weekends, the girl would bug us to "wake up, sun shining on the butt already!" so that we can bring her to the playground.

"I can hang by myself!"
(Not for long though..)

As I'm shielding my eyes from the rays, I'm so glad that my skin is well protected from the sun! =)

At the end of the 14 days, I took another picture to compare the Before & After (with both photos taken using the same lighting, the same pose and only edited for brightness).


To be fair (pun not intended), the improvements in fairness is not as obvious for people with a darker skin tone like mine. But after 14 days, believe it or not, my skin was a little brighter and the redness not as obvious (hard to tell in these pictures I know).

Although my dark spots were still present (probably require a lot more than 14 days to lighten it!), my skin definitely felt a lot smoother and more moisturised. As I didn't apply any of the NIVEA Body UV Whitening serum on my lower arm (problem areas were more prominent for the former), I could immediately feel the difference between my upper arm and lower arm.

Now that I'm pregnant and require more protection from harmful UV rays, I'm definitely thankful for the invisible shield from the sun for my skin whenever I'm out and about! =)

DisclosureThis is Part 2 of a series of sponsored stories on behalf of NIVEA SingaporeAll opinions are my own.
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