Monday 14 July 2014

London Day 2-4: The 9th ICCAP at the University of Roehampton

We woke up really early that morning (still living on Singapore time apparently) and were the first at breakfast.

Ham & Salami
Fresh toast, tea and coffee

Although it was bread, ham, cereal and eggs every morning, the mum and I still went religiously every morning because a) we were really hungry and b) we wanted to save money. We love the croissants and milk! =)

After breakfast, I left my baby in the care of my mum and walked to the Hammersmith Bus Station to take Bus 72 to the University of Roehampton where the conference was held.

Buses from Hammersmith Bus Station to Roehampton
On Bus 72
Crossed the Hammersmith Bridge every morning on my way to Roehampton

I had previously screenshot a map of the college and the nearest bus stop (Bus Stop 72024) so it was easy for me to locate the bus stop to alight. It also helped that the location of every stop is announced and displayed at the front of the bus =)

Left: I looked out for the tip of this church and the Shell station next to it before alighting
Right: Press button and wait before crossing the road

I found my way to the Whitelands College quite easily (reading maps was always my strength *laughs*).

Whitelands College
(Address: Holybourne Avenue, London, SW15 4JD)
This cool building is the home to the Department of Psychology of the University of Roehampton
Registration at the 9th ICCAP

This is the 9th International Conference on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology organised and hosted by the University of Roehampton where psychology researchers from 42 countries gathered to share research and discuss ideas on child and adolescent psychopathology.

It was my first time attending an international psychology conference and I was excited! I attended as many of the presentations as I could over the 3-day conference and enjoyed every session. I thought the research that was shared was very relevant to my work as well as my interests in child and adolescent research.

During lunch of the first day, I met up with the Director of the Center of Sexual Health Research at the University of Southampton and had a very interesting conversation with him on teen pregnancy and sexual abuse in the UK. In the afternoon, I presented a poster that was written by my work buddy and I at the Manresa Hall on behalf of my organisation.

All the posters are presented at the old school Manresa Hall
Definitely a significant milestone for me as a researcher =)

It was a very valuable experience sharing my research and learning from other researchers in the field. I'm very grateful to my organisation for sending me =)

After the conference in the evening, I brought my mum and baby out so that they are not cooped up in the hotel all day. It does not get dark until 9pm here in London during the summer so we have a few hours to explore the city.

We decided to head to somewhere near enough to Hammersmith and yet had to be accessed by train so that we can make full use of our 7-day unlimited travel pass (typical cheapo I know *laughs*). We decided on Paddington and made our way there via the Hammersmith and City line.

Entrance to the Hammersmith Station for the Hammersmith & City (pink) and Circle (yellow) lines
(Note that it is different from the entrance to the Hammersmith Station for the District & Piccadilly lines,
although they are just a short street away from each other)
Tube trains serving both lines
(check the information displayed on the trains to ensure that you are taking the correct line)
Paddington Station, just 7 stops away from Hammersmith Station

We arrived at Paddington and explored the neighbourhood.

Boats parked along the Paddington Basin
Ducks swimming in a line (you don't see this in our Singapore canals, do you?)
A book shop on water! Way cool!
It was a 5-minute walk from the Paddington tube station to the Paddington Railway Station
(we got a little lost initially)

The moment we arrived we knew we had to have dinner as we were famished! Garfunkel's looked kind of cool so it became our choice of restaurant (we're not very complicated people).

Garfunkel's restaurant at Praed Street
Eating at Garfunkel's

St. Mary's Hospital,
where Prince George was born to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge
I have no pictures of our food because we were so hungry that I forgot to take photos till we had finished eating everything! We had a burger and fish and chips, which were ok (nothing really special).

We spent the rest of the evening walking along the street and buying souvenirs. It was a really nice and cool evening for a walk.

The beautiful Hilton London Paddington Hotel

I can't wait to visit more of London after the end of the conference =)

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