Wednesday 24 September 2014

Daddy's Xing Mama Opens in Shanghai

Words cannot express how proud we are of the official opening of my dad's Singapore-themed restaurant in Shanghai, China. After working long and hard in China for the last 20 years, my dad has finally been able to fulfill his dream of being a business owner.

The poster says, "Xing Mama, a Singapore Style Restaurant"

Named 星妈妈 Xing Mama (also known as Simon Mama), the restaurant was inspired by the Singaporean dishes that my dad has grown up eating. In those days when my dad was growing up, most mothers stayed at home, looked after the kids and cooked for the family. All children love their mother's cooking, even if it wasn't restaurant quality, because it was made with love. Hence the name Xing Mama was partly inspired by my grandmother's cooking. To go one step further, daddy decided it was apt to bring Singapore to Shanghai (I think he really misses Singapore and would like to bring a little bit of home to a foreign land).

My dad, standing at the entrance of Xing Mama
The restaurant has a minature Merlion at the entrance so you won't miss it!
The dining area with waitresses donning the signature Singapore girl kebaya
(The Chinese words say, "Singapore Style Bak Kut Teh", the restaurant's signature dish)
Photos of Singapore landmarks on the wall

The signature dish is our beloved bak kut teh (pork rib soup), which is authentically Singaporean as the ingredients are sourced and exported to China directly from Singapore.

Example of the food they serve
(Bak kut teh is at the top left)

Many of the mainland Chinese have visited Singapore and love our food and culture. Hence, since its opening, Xing Mama has been bussling with people eager to rekindle their memory of or try out Singapore food.

Xing Mama was also recently featured on Shanghai TV. Here's the video:

We're so proud of daddy and what he has achieved by the grace of God. God has indeed blessed us above and beyond what we can ask or imagine.

Do visit Xing Mama if you can when you visit Shanghai! =)

星妈妈 Xing Mama is located at

2B13 世博源,浦东新区上南路,上海,中国
2B13 The Rivermall, Pudong, Shangan Road, Shanghai, China 200126

P.S: Photos in this post were provided by my daddy. I'll take my own photos when we visit in 2016 =)
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