Tuesday 30 September 2014

Family Nature Walk at the Southern Ridges

I live only 15 minutes away from the Southern Ridges, which nicely connects Mount Faber ParkTelok Blangah Hill ParkHortParkKent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve (DIY guide provided by the National Parks here), and can't believe that I have not had the chance to visit until now!

After a nice breakfast at McDonald's in the morning, we started our walk at HortPark (where we also parked our car).


The route was wheelchair/stroller friendly so we decided to bring along our double stroller (full review of our Baby Jogger City Select here) so that I didn't have to carry my baby. Unfortunately, that also meant that my girl would clamour to sit rather than walk as she felt that it was not fair that her brother got to ride the stroller and she didn't (-_-"). And since I didn't want to walk at a speed of 1cm per minute, I relented.

The sister offered to push as she wanted to train for a marathon that she would be running.

Alexandra Arch

From HortPark we followed the signboards to Alexandra Arch, a beautiful pedestrian overhead bridge at Alexandra Road. Alexandra Arch links us directly to the Forest Walk, which consisted of elevated walkways that allowed you to see the natural greenery from a higher viewing point.

Hubby decided to ride his kick scooter instead of walking but ended up walking most of the way because of the uphill slopes
There were some painting works being done to the walkway but thankfully our City Select could still pass through the tight space
You might feel scared if you're afraid of heights
(The hubby said my girl was afraid to walk on this the last time they were here with his friends)
Chilling out in the backseat
This way to Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mt Faber Park
See the painting in progress?
Mummy and me
Left: What not to do if you encounter monkeys (which thankfully we didn't);
Right: The uphill slopes all the way up the hill
The same place where mum and I stood but taken from the top view

We reached the top and took a short breather to rest before continuing onto the Hilltop Walk that runs through Telok Blangah Hill Park.

There's a road here so beware of passing traffic
(Our City Select has no problems on the road due to its tyre-like wheels)
Walking trail through the Telok Blangah Hill Park
It's uphill again!

At the end of the trail, we arrived at one end of the Henderson Waves. Standing at 36m above Henderson Road, it is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

We made it!
(My girl was cranky because I forced her to walk and my boy was cranky because he was sleepy)
The bridge is so high up that you can't see the traffic below unless you look over the ledge
The distinct features of this overhead bridge is the curvy structure of "ribs" that form the waves as well as the unique boardwalk
Enjoying the view and cool breeze
(The bridge looks really thin when you're under it but it is actually pretty wide)
Cars on Henderson road look so small from up here
Baby Boy is getting real good at taking selfies!
A large area for you to lean on and enjoy the view
Yay that was fun!
The other end of the Henderson Waves, which connects to Faber Walk

From Henderson Waves, we continued on to Faber Walk, which leads us to the top of Mt Faber.

Mt Faber Loop
Replica of the famous cables cars at Jewel Box

Along the way, we were greeted by beautiful views of the sea and cable cars.

Family photo at the Bird's Eye View from Mount Faber
(Set my Olympus OMD on a ledge and started the timer)
Tired but happy that we finally completed the walk!

We were going to continue down the Marang Trail to Harbourfront but we realised that the trail was not stroller-friendly. So instead of continuing to Harbourfront, we headed back to Jewel Box instead to board a cab back to HortPark to collect our car.

The kids were so exhausted, they were unusually well-behaved that day. Looks like we need to bring them out to exercise a lot more =)

Sister and I are going to attempt walking the full trail from Marang Trail Entrance to Science Park Drive (map here) some time this year. It's only 5km so I'm sure it would be ok (as long as I don't bring the cranky kids -_-"). Looking forward! =)


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