Thursday 6 November 2014

The Chubby Milestone

I don't know about your kids but for mine, they are usually the chubbiest at 6 months old and remain that way till about 1 year old. This is why I call the developmental milestones achieved during this period (ie. 6-12 months) the Chubby Milestones =)

Baby Boy is growing up so fast that I had almost forgotten how it felt like to hold a small baby in my arms (this is why I still love to carry newborns despite having my own baby). The "I don't know and don't really give a damn as long as I have my milk" newborn is now replaced by the "there you are mama, give me what I want nowww!!! MAMA!!! MAMAAAAA!!!" baby. True story.

Why do they grow up so fast? *sigh*

Getting his first haircut and screaming his eyeballs out
(If you must know, this was not my choice! The hubby brought him in secret without me!! *grrr*)
First time on a swing
(Was scared and cried, poor boy)
No longer the "if I'm placed here I won't move" baby but now the "blink and I'm at the end of the bed!" (-_-")
He loves climbing so much that we can't even look away for even one second.. 
I loved laughing at him when he got stuck between our bed and his playpen!

As he grows older I anticipate having to baby-proof the house as we definitely have an explorer on our hands. Although I'm not sure how effective the baby-proofing would be since this is one sneaky baby..

Finally, my baby has spouted his first two front teeth! And guess who found that out first?

Yup, me.

Because I got scratched by them on youknowwhere (ouch).

I'm trying hard to hold on to his babyness but he's totally not helping! How fast you have grown!
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