Friday 5 December 2014

Illusions and Ear Piercings

We brought the kids to Trick Eye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa last week, after hearing good reviews about it as compared to Alive Museum. My girl loves to take photos so this should be fun for our whole family.

Our family wearing identical red Ferarri tops from Puma to the Trick Eye Museum

I'm sure the photos will look cohesive since we're all in matchy-matchy family outfits =)

Left: Please don't let me fall!
Right: O.M.G!!!
Part of a painting!
Dancing in the rain
Left: Somebody climbed up and panicked when she couldn't come down!! (We had a good laugh!)
Right: Big baby trapping the small baby
Got eaten by a fish, help!!!
Sky-diving with the baby!
(History in the making!)
Floating in a mysterious house
Left: Angel riding in the sky
Right: Riding a sleigh
Left: Woahh, one balancing Supermom coming up!
Right: Floating down the river
Riding a swan like royalty
Racing on a race horse!
Stretching out like a ballerina!
Left: Captured by a dinosaur!
Right: Lounging on the moon
Left: Baby over fire!
Right: Trick Eye Snow Globe

My girl loves it here as she can pretend to be anything she wants to be! Even the mum-in-law got into the action and had a lot of fun!

Left: Trying to balance on a beam
Right: Mermaids in a lagoon
Sailing on a merlion
Riding the dolphins
My kids just love to pose!
Left: Hand stand!
Right: Chilling at the beach

Love the paintings that in themselves are really works of art. It was great that we could be a part of the art! =)

Boy was in an awesome mood so we took the opportunity to take a photo with him!

In the afternoon we headed to Orchard Road. It was a big day for us because I was determined to bring my girl to get her ears pierced!

I had started preparing her for months. She really wanted to wear earrings but was afraid of the pain. I'm of the opinion that the earlier she does it, the less likely she will be traumatised by it (young kids tend to have shorter memories of pain).

Armed with rewards like sweets, promises of toys and ice-cream and the choice of a really cute earring, we managed to convince her to go with us to a jewellery store in Wisma that specialises in ear piercings. Even though they were more expensive than ordinary goldsmith stores, I liked them because I've heard of good reviews about how fast they were such that the child did not even see it coming. Plus, they pierced both ears at once. This was my number 1 criteria because I knew that once my girl experienced the pain of one ear, she will definitely not pierce the other.

She freaked out the moment she sat on the chair so I had to hold and sit with her. The staff moved fast and distracted her with the cleaning solution, saying that that was all they were putting on her ears. They kept talking and talking and next thing we knew, bang! The earrings were fired into her ears and the deed was done!

Left: The staff cleaning her ears with solution, which seems to relax her
Right: Eating one of her many rewards for being a brave girl!

If you thought that she was too young, well, I had actually wanted her ears pierced since she was 6 months old but her dad strongly objected to it. He still disagrees with me but I went ahead because I strongly believe (from personal experience) that she will thank me when she grows up and can wear pretty earrings.

My baby girl is growing up!


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