Friday 30 January 2015

Organising with a Pocket Storage Hanger

This idea came to me after I bought some awesome clear pocket storage hangers from Qoo10 (pink) and Howards Storage World (grey). Side note: I always feel a sense of peace whenever I'm at the latter *laughs*. The pocket storage hangers from Howards are made with very good quality even though they cost double the price! Am going back to buy some more! =)

Here's sharing 5 things you can organise with them (there are more of course but these are my favourite).


1) Jewellery

Bought this on Qoo10 specially designed for organising jewellery
Everything in nice little pockets so that you can see all at a glance

One look and you'd know which pair of earrings matches your dress that day. The pockets also help to protect your jewellery and keep them free from dust =)

2) Hair Accessories

Mine and my girl's hair accessories

This is so that you don't find hair clips everywhere in the house.

3) Socks

Socks and other baby stuff

Baby stuff usually invades and takes over our house once we have the baby! Because of the mess we tend to misplace things like the other sock. Put one of these in the laundry room and put the socks in once it's out of the washing machine so that you won't have that problem =)

4) Craft Materials

So neat and tidy that I have goosebumps #ineedtherapy
Ribbons, stickers, glue, scissors, etc

You guys know I like to do scrapbooking and always find it a hassle to dig through my stockpile of stickers and embellishments in order to find the right one for the project that I'm working on. This way I can see everything at one glance and know exactly which one fits the project. Plus, I'll also have all the tools I need in one place =)

5) Label Pins

My collection of label pins from all over the world
Some of my favourites in my collection

I love collecting pins, something that I've done for the last 10 years. I used to keep them neatly stacked up in boxes and take them out one by one to admire them whenever I'm free. That turned out to be a hassle so I kept thinking of ways to display them so that I can see them whenever I want. That was when I thought, why not put them into the storage pockets? Now I can admire them anytime I want =)

How else do you use your pocket storage hangers? Where else can I get them without breaking the bank?

*This post is part of my series on The Madeline Standard of Organisation. Read on for more of my practical and sometimes extreme tips for organising your life! =)
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