Monday 23 February 2015

Phuket Day 4-5: Beach, Spa, Shopping & More Swimming

After a really good night’s sleep among our mountain of super comfortable pillows (honestly, it was the first time that we had so many pillows on our bed that it became a problem!), we awoke to a beautiful sunrise outside our window.

Morning view from our room

I'm kidding, of course we couldn't wake up to see the sunrise when we were immersed in a mountain of pillows (although we had really wanted to)! *laughs*

We had our breakfast at the hotel's restaurant, Zeascape.

Spacious dining area where the seaview continues
Comfortable seating
Good spread of both Western and Eastern delicacies
Clockwise from top left: With Baby Boy, who refused to stay in his baby chair;
Yummy pastries and bread;
Freshly made eggs of all kinds (my personal favourite is the omelette);
At least 8 types of drinks to choose from plus fresh juice made-to-order at the counter!

The eggs are sent to you so that you don't have to queue! And they were some of the best eggs we had ever had at a breakfast buffet. I attributed it to the fact that the chef is always in a good mood, admiring the clear blue sea while he cooks outside on the deck. If you like, you can have your breakfast at the deck too (we couldn't though because they didn't have a table big enough for 6 of us on the deck).

Took a picture at one of the tables on the deck
(See what I mean by clear blue sea?)
Awesome family photo taken by one of the staff
(Everybody's looking!)

We headed off to the private beach after breakfast for a touch of the sand and the sea.

This way to the beach
A photo with my kids before we descend down the stairs to the beach
Hubby climbed out to the rocks for this shot
Hubby's favourite activity at the beach: hunting for crabs!
He found one! But sadly it was already dead =(
Mum-in-law enjoyed soaking her feet in the water tremendously while Baby Boy and I tried to hide from the hot, hot sun!

My girl is exactly like me in her dislike for sea water haha. I prefer the pool because it is a lot cleaner so we headed back to our hotel room to swim (princessy I know *laughs*). After a short swim, we headed to Zensala Spa for our complimentary massage (worth 1200 baht), which was a part of our room package. Mum-in-law kindly offered to take care of our kids (whoots!) =)

Zensala Spa
Welcome tea

We were given tea to enjoy before we were ushered to the couple massage room.

Couple beds
Enjoying a nice foot scrub before our massage

This was a thousand times better than our massages on the first day. The pressure was just right; not too hard and not too soft. I loved it so much that I fell asleep for a portion of it! First time I have ever slept during a massage I think! :S

After we were done with our relaxing massages, we caught the free shuttle bus from our hotel to Jungceylon.

U Zenmaya shuttle bus
Spacious seating, more than enough space for strollers or luggage

We had our lunch at Mr Good Seafood, which we remembered had good seafood when we were there the last time. However, unfortunately for us, they didn't have seafood at that time so we had to order non-seafood dishes that were much less appetising =(

Clockwise from left: Fried noodles;
Assorted fried vegetables;
Tom yum soup

If we had known that there weren't any seafood, we would have gone back to Chai Meng Phuket restaurant.

In any case, we headed back to Jungceylon for a last round of shopping. Due to all the hotel transfers, we really didn't have time to do any shopping although it's probably just as well since Phuket is not exactly famous for their shopping.

A full size ship at Jungceylon

The brother-in-law and I usually get our haircuts overseas in an attempt on our part to save money. This time however, there was some miscommunication between the hairdresser and I and he ended up cutting my hair so short that I almost can't tie it up any more! *gasp*

This was the first time in a very long time that I've cut my hair so short because the hubby didn't like short hair. Initially I thought it didn't look too bad but then later I didn't like it. Now that I've gotten used to it, I actually kinda like it (I know I'm very fickle). It's relatively easy to maintain and wash.

Once we were finished, it was a mad rush to get some shopping done and buy dinner because we wanted to get home in time to catch the sunset. As usual, we had to pay a ridiculous 400 baht just to get back to our hotel.

Side note: we realised that the hotel's shuttle bus actually picks guests back to the hotel at certain timings (last bus leaves at 3.20pm). In future, we could plan to leave on the first bus to Jungceylon and return on the last bus back to our hotel in order to save on the exorbitant taxi fare! =)

We managed to catch the sunset as planned! *whew*

A group selfie using our selfie stick
She really, really loves swimming
Eating nuts in the pool at sunset
Love this family photo of us with the lovely sunset

We ended the day as usual, soaking in the whirlpool bathtub.. this is the life! =)

Baby Boy absolutely loves the whirlpool bathtub

We were so reluctant to leave the next day! Definitely a great way to end the trip =)

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