Thursday 19 March 2015

First Mr Bean Themed Playground in the World

I've enjoyed bringing my kids out to Gardens by the Bay so much two weeks ago that I've made a personal pact to bring them somewhere fun at least once a week (to expand their exhaustless energy).

Two weeks ago, we visited the newly reimagined Mr Bean's Playground at Changi Airport Terminal 3, Level B2. It is actually the SingKids playground that has been decorated to fit the Mr Bean theme.

SingKids Playsystem
The World's First Mr Bean Themed Playground
Same floor space with the usual SingKids play equipment
Mr Bean themed decorations

It was the first time to an indoor playground for Baby Boy I think (and countless times for my girl). We were therefore excited to see how he'll take to it. He's now walking a lot more (although not very steady yet) so he will likely be able to enjoy the playground more than before.

This boy loves to climb so this structure suited him well
(Although he was extremely scared that he'll fall off)
Round and round this thing goes,
Where it is going nobody knows.
Playing with plastic balls in a roundabout see-through thing
Letting them play while observing them Add from the sidelines
Climbing up the steps
And down the slides
(Baby Boy only liked the colourful steps, not the slides because these were too high for him)
Playing in the ball pit
Weee! Flying balloons everywhere!
Round the merry-go-round swing
(Seems like everything goes round and round around here..)
(This was observed to be less popular with the kids for some reason)
Riding her car
Baby Boy tried to follow but he was too small

Baby Boy had a blast and only stopped because he was hungry! It was time for his milk.

Daddy feeding the baby

After he was done, he was back to his favourite play activity: the baby slide!

Glittery slide for toddlers

He could climb up, slide down, walk to the back (by himself!), climb up and slide down again and again and again! After a while his daddy and I got bored and just monitored him from the side *laughs*

Our verdict? Best for preschoolers but your toddler won't be too bored either. Not for babies unfortunately. My girl said she wants to go back so that's gotta count for something right? =)


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Disclosure: Complimentary entry and souvenirs were received from SingKids & Mr Bean' Playground for the purposes of this review. No monetary compensation was received; all opinions are my own.
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