Monday 20 April 2015

Psych of Parenting 2: Helping Teens Cope

One minute they are cute and innocent and the next minute they become sulky teenagers who are too smart for their own good, want to exert their independence and prefer the company of their friends to their family.

Just how do we navigate the murky waters also known as adolescence?

We need to first understand the issues that our adolescents (aka teenagers) face before we can help them. Usually kids start to become teenagers once they hit puberty and that lasts till about 18-21 years old where they are old enough to make their own decisions (and are considered young adults).

If you have kids who are teenagers or have friends who do, this could be helpful. If you're a teenager who wishes that your parents see this, send it to them! =)

Reproduced with permission from an article written by Dr Quah Saw Han

Parents of teenagers, what other advice do you have? Share them in the comments =)

This post is part of my infographic series on the Psychology of Parenting.
Follow me as I attempt to make psychological research more understandable =)

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