Friday 26 June 2015

DIY Under the Sea Fishing Game

I saw this online somewhere and loved the idea so I went to Daiso (like everybody else) to get the materials to make this fishing game. All you really need is adhesive felt, magnet and rope.

Multi-colour adhesive felt and magnet band from Daiso

I didn't want to make the usual fish because I thought that was too boring. So I ended up making a few of my favourite sea animals. It's relatively easy to do but might take some time especially if you are a full-time working mother like me!

First, draw the shape of the animal at the back of the felt. If you're cheapskate like me and want to save on felt, you can divide the felt into two and draw the front of the animal on one side and draw the back on the other side (you can use the first shape to outline the second shape, it's the same).

Drawing the shape of a squid on the felt
Drawing the shape of the crab

Second, cut a small piece of magnet and put in the middle of the two pieces. Remove the backing paper and line up both pieces of felt together. This can be a bit difficult so try to remove the backing paper slowly.

Magnet in the middle of the felt

Third, add details such as eyes and lines.

I added line details on this prawn so that it looks more realistic

And there you have it! My nine sea animals that I have made for my girl =)

A fish, a crab, a prawn...
A crab, a squid...
A turtle, a starfish, a jellyfish...
A prawn, a seahorse, an octopus...
Cute magnetic fishing game! =)

To make the rod, I used a simple pencil, rope, washi tape and "hook". Instead of the usual hook, which I feel is very ugly, I made a simple heart with a magnet in it.

A very simple rod
(This still needs some work but I was too lazy to do it haha)

When my girl first saw it she squealed in excitement! "So cute!" she exclaimed. And promptly played with it immediately.

Picking up the sea creatures with her rod

You can also draw up a whole underwater background, stick it on a magnetic board or the refrigerator, and tell a story using the animals as your props =)

If you like this Daiso craft, I've got a whole list of Daiso crafts on the blog next week! Stay tuned! =)


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