Monday 5 September 2016

Our First Home (2): Kids Room

The kids room not only had to accommodate my kids' stuff, it had to also accommodate my mum-in-law, who will stay with us whenever she is not at her own home (which is a lot *laughs*). Hence, the room should look bright and cheery without looking overly kiddy.


Blank white wall with a wall fan that the previous owner kindly left for us
The old railings


We went with a lighter shade of blue so that it will brighten up the space but yet fit with the rest of our house (which is mostly blue, grey, black and white).

Toy corner with a small art wall above for my cross stitch and my girl's art pieces (she doesn't have many now but she will soon have a lot once I start sending her for art classes)

We also loved how our blue tri-coloured (3 different shades of blue) Combi blinds enhanced the room and made you feel like you're in the ocean. It matches perfectly with the main star of the kids room: the multipurpose bed!

The Combi blinds and custom bed.
My girl chose the colour of the bed herself =)

It's a special custom bed that we bought from Nova. I actually wanted to go for something smaller and cheaper but the hubby wanted two beds, lots of storage space and a table for my kids so this bed made more sense. Thankfully our kids room was big enough to fit this "monster" bed with more than enough room on each side =)

The table has side shelves that can hold books or magazine and can also be pushed inside when not in use. Very convenient!
More than enough shelves for my kid's things
(for now it's my girl's things because my boy is still young)
Left: My old dresser beside the stairs for their (kids and mum-in-law) clothes. The stairs are storage spaces too!;
Right: View of the bed from the left.

My white dresser is looking really ugly so I gave it a make over by covering it with wallpaper that I got from Malacca (RM19.90 only, cheap and good!).

Love how it looks with the rest of the room! =)

We decorated the room simply with some art pieces I did and wall stickers of crowns and my girl's favourite mermaid.

Clockwise from left: My girl sleeps on top and if you notice, she needs to have her own dedicated fan (she's exactly like her daddy like that);
Art that I painted for the kids;
She told me where to stick what, I just made sure they passed #TheMadelineStandardofOrganisation *grin*

It's mainly my girl's decoration for now since the brother is still young and does not sleep in the room yet. I'm sure the kids room will evolve as the years go by and it will probably look nothing like how it does now!

Oh and if you're wondering where their wardrobe is, that's in the next post.. Watch this space ;P

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