Wednesday 14 December 2016

Azura Our Subaru Forester

Our family car, a Honda Stream, was due to be scraped soon so we were in the market for a replacement. Initially we were considering getting a used car but after much calculation by the hubby, we realised a brand new car had lower depreciation (i.e. a new car was cheaper than a used car due to the drop in COE).

Since I liked driving hatchbacks, the hubby was considering an SUV. And since we obviously couldn't afford a Volvo XC90 even though we really love it, the new Subaru Forester was the best alternative (cheaper but with similar horsepower).

Trying out the spacious boot of the Forester at the Subaru showroom

I was quite pleased to find out that the Subaru showroom at Leng Kee had an awesome Kids Corner to entertain the kids while we checked out the cars on display.

Subaru Kids Corner
Door and shoe rack
The space is well decorated, enclosed and padded to ensure your child's safety
The lounge area is next to the Kids Corner
Parents can watch what their kids are up to in the Kids Corner while relaxing in the lounge with a cup of coffee

My kids loved the Kids Corner! So thoughtful of Subaru to provide a space like this for their customers.

After we received news that we won the bid for the COE of our Subaru Forester, we went to Subaru in Toa Payoh to pick it up.

Subaru Toa Payoh
(not as flashy as the Leng Kee one)

Everyone, meet Azura!

Azura is a blue Subaru Forester XT
Under the hood
Our very enthusiastic car sales person took a lot of photos for us!

After driving the car for more than a month, these are the Forester's features that we liked:
  • In-built GPS 
    • although it's not as updated as Google Maps
  • Memory seats for multiple drivers 
    • so that we don't have to keep adjusting the seats whenever either of us takes the wheel
  • Huge sunroof
    • great for Christmas lights watching
  • the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) System matches my existing car seat
    • LATCH systems use strong metal anchors rather than the seat belt to install the car seat
    • this is safer for my boy as he is no longer able to press the seat belt buckle and release the seat belt (thereby endangering himself)
  • Super spacious boot
  • Reverse camera
  • Cruise Control
    • So useful for our road trips to Malaysia
  • Horsepower 
    • the hubby loves it!

In-built GPS and entertainment system
Clockwise from left: Standard steering wheel with cruise control;
High headroom;
In-built Front car camera so that wires don't hang down unsightly.
Light and mirror in the sunshade for the passenger
Sleeping in his car seat which is bolted to the LATCH system
Very spacious boot space
Electronic Rear door
(just press the button and the door will close)
We got the XT (i.e. Turbo) version because the hubby has a need for speed *laughs*

Of course, it is lacking a lot of other features which is why it is a lot cheaper than other SUVs such as the Volvo:
  • Resolution for entertainment screen is so-so
  • Less sophisticated alarm/warning system than the Volvo
  • No dedicated air-conditioning for the back passengers
  • No Park Assist
    • Not sure if I can parallel park this car (-_-)
  • No Auto-Brake for temporary stops (such as at traffic lights) so that you don't have to depress the brake or use the hand-brake
  • Very soft horn
  • Less sensitive brake system

But well for the price we pay, I'd say it's still value for money.

Here's to more road trips and #AdventureswithAzura! =)
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