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Our First Home (6): Storeroom & Entryway

I really love our storeroom and entryway! Our previous house did not have a storeroom so it was a pain whenever we needed to store bulky stuff that we don't use very often (e.g. Christmas tree). It was one of the essentials that we looked out for when buying our house.



Our storeroom before renovation

We got rid of the very old doors but kept the rack because it was still very sturdy. We got the painters to paint the wall and the rack so that it would look like new.


The key to a usable storeroom for me is a sturdy rack and organisation. And lots of it! I made sure that my storeroom is still very accessible and that I can reach every single thing in the storeroom as easily and quickly as possible.

Left: The racks help to ensure easy access to our stuff without needing to remove the stuff on top;
Right: Huge plastic containers for storage that we bought from the Toyogo warehouse.

I label each container very clearly so that I'll always know what's in them. If you have hula hoops like I do, stick a hook behind the door to hang them so as to save space =)

My family uses A LOT of tissue, as you can see!

The only thing that I would change about my storeroom is the door. We installed a normal full-sized door which swung inwards, which meant that we could not store that many things in the area near the door otherwise it wouldn't be able to open. We should have installed a half-opened door like our bathroom door, which takes up much less room when it opens and closes. The good thing though is that I'm forced to ensure the area near the door is always clear so that I can reach the things stored at the back.



Before the door and electrical box were painted

As with most flats, our entryway was plain with not much done to it. As you know, minimalist was never my style so I had to do something about it.

We basically did not change anything to the main structure such as the gate and door; it was all cosmetic changes such as painting and polishing. Nothing that a good coat of paint won't fix!


Digital Door Lock

The hubby and I have always wanted a digital door lock so I bought the full system with door handle from Qoo10. Our Samsung door lock costs approximately S$450 including shipping (it was shipped directly from the warehouse in Korea).

Left: Before installation of our door lock;
Right: After installation =)

We paid an installation uncle who specialises in door lock installation S$150 to install the lock for us. We highly recommend that you pay someone to do it because it is not easy to do yourself! The specialist took about 1.5 hours to do it and he's a pro!

We were extremely pleased with his work! Overall, the cost of the lock and installation was about S$650, much cheaper than the $1100 that our ID quoted us!

Here's a short video of our door lock in action! =)

The benefits of an automatic door lock:

  • Recognises up to 100 finger prints
    • You'll never need to worry about forgetting to bring your keys! It's all on your fingers!
  • Also recognises Samsung keycards/ key stickers
    • The door lock that we bought comes with 2 keycards
    • You tap the keycard like you would an Ez-link card. The lock will sense it and unlock your door.
    • The keycard is tiny and super light unlike conventional keys. 
    • You can even buy sticker versions that you can stick on handphones and whatever you like. Those work the same way that the keycards do!
  • Emergency keys
    • Two regular steel keys are included as emergency keys in case your door lock runs out of batteries or if there's a problem with the system.
    • It is advised that these keys be kept outside the house (e.g. in the car or in your parents' house), to be used only in emergencies.
  • Anti-theft alarm system
    • An alarm will sound if the door is opened forcefully
  • Full lock down mode
    • If everyone is home or if you want to prevent someone else from entering the home (even if the person has a key), you can activate the full lock down mode.
    • Once activated, the door lock will not recognise any fingerprints or keycards. The door can only be opened from inside and not from outside.
  • Bluetooth connection to your phone
    • To be honest, I've not tried this. 
    • Apparently you can download an app which syncs with the lock such that the lock will send you information.
    • The app can even let you know who has returned home and if there's an intruder! Very cool! 
    • However, we are too lazy to figure out how to do it so we never did use the app *laughs*
  • Door handle is easy to push open
    • No more turning of handles to open the door. You can even do it with your elbows or body.

The only bad thing is that since we shipped the product directly from Korea, the welcome greeting is in Korean (which basically means 'welcome'). Also, the instruction manual is also in Korean, so you will need to refer to the one uploaded by the Qoo10 seller for the English version.

But the S$400+ savings was worth the small inconveniences in my opinion.

Metal Gate

Our metal gate was super rusty and dusty but the mum-in-law said that we can polish it back to its original shine.

The mum-in-law showing me how it is done
The tube of Autosol used for polishing the gate

It took us a few days of work, with the mum-in-law and I taking turns to flex our arm muscles (to the point that we needed Salon Pas to relax our sore muscles). When we were done however, the gate looked almost as good as new! =)


I've always wanted the entrance to my house to be inviting, with a bench that can hold our shoes as well as allow people to sit and wear their shoes. We found a cheap IKEA TV console for S$19.90 which could work as a bench as well.

In addition, I also laid out IKEA outdoor plastic tiles to make sure that I don't have to step on the floor after I removed my shoes =P

IKEA bench and outdoor plastic tiles

To finish, I pasted a wall sticker of a tree (that I got for free) above the bench. Love how artistic it looks. So, so me! =)

Our lovely entryway
(with enough space for a bicycle at the side as well)
Boy showing you how it's supposed to be used
(you can also get a closer view of the wall sticker, which you can get quite cheaply from Qoo10)

I love how our entryway looks unique and unlike everyone else. Plus all it required was paint, polish, wall stickers and some cheap furniture. Simple and easy to do! =)

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